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The release paddle is mounted away from the edge of the window, keeping it clear of curtain obstructions.  It resists burglars from simply breaking the glass and reaching in to operate the release actuator..  It only takes about 1 lb. of force to depress the handle. This is ideal for small children and those without much strength to easily depress the paddle.  Our patented release prevents the bars from accidentally relocking.  Once the release handle is pressed, it stays open.  It does not require simultaneous double actions of opening the bars and depressing the handle.  The FastExit security bar release operates from inside and allow the bars to be easily opened for emergency escape without compromising the security of the home.  The paddle cover provides easy access to the large paddle handle, yet resists being opened from outside by simply striking with an object.  It also complies with building codes require that the interior release mechanism shall not require the use of a key, a tool, special knowledge or effort for operation from the inside of the room.  These quick-release mechanisms should always be tested on a monthly basis to ensure that they are working properly.




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